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How Facebook and Instagram (Meta) Ads Help Attorneys Like You

We don’t just help you reach more clients, we help you reach the right clients. From the moment we start working together, we use any insights regarding your local audience that you share with us to come up with relevant ads and to target specific people (e.g. people from the right ages, zip codes, interests, jobs, etc.).

The ads that we create are based on running thousands of similar campaigns across the US, meaning that you can be confident that we have a strategy that should work from the start.

In other words, we combine your knowledge of your local area with our digital marketing expertise to create Meta campaigns that engage the right clients.

Who We Are

ION IGNITE is a digital marketing agency based in Austin, London and Mexico City, supporting clients across the US and around the world. We are part of THE IDEA OF NOW group of marketing agencies, together with ION BRAVE (for companies pursuing aggressive growth) and ION SUMMIT (for brands aiming for national or global success).

We have solved the problem of marketing services for small businesses by focusing on simple principles: providing real digital marketing channel specialists (not one person to do everything); providing an affordable price to allow you to get started; and providing 30-day contracts so that you can cancel anytime.

The 3 Most Common Questions
How quickly can I get started?

Next up, you will be directed to our website to add the services that we agree to your checkout. Once you complete payment, you will be subscribed to 30 day recurring payments, meaning that you can always cancel before your next billing cycle!

You will be connected to our Onboarding team to have your campaigns up and running within 7-10 business days. SO, if you have an event you wish to advertise that is 3-4 weeks away, now is the perfect time to start!

How much is it going to cost me per live event response?

Cost per registration for live events can vary depending on the type of event, your location, and the offer. We use our years of experience of working with attorneys to refine targeting and help our clients capture the highest quality leads for the best possible price.

How much is it going to cost me per webinar registration?

Like live events, webinar registration costs will vary. As your marketing partner, we’ll advise you on best practices and help you get results with tested and proven methods.

Recent Results - Live Events
78 Registrations at a cost of $6.41 each for Attorney in California.
33 Registrations at a cost of $15.15 each for Attorney in New York.
31 Registrations at a cost of $18.57 each for Attorney in Grand Rapids, MN
Recent Results - Online Events
61 Registrations at a cost of $11.48 each for Attorney in Tavares, FL
52 Registrations at a cost of $12.50 each for Attorney in Castle Rock, CO
30 Registrations at a cost of $16.67 each for Attorney in Bloomington, MN
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