The IGNITE School of Business

Welcome! We have designed this platform to assist business owners and marketing managers with the necessary tools to ignite both their career and company goals.

Our Courses

As a business leader, you are probably the first to admit where learning new skills could strengthen your achievements. You may even envision where such new skills could lead you in 6-12 months. The ION IGNITE  School of Business is here to motivate you to take that next step of action. Our senior leaders are ready to passionately support you on your next stage of growth, by offering their many years of experience to boost your skill gaps and help you grow your business faster.

The Digital Accelerator

Develop a robust digital platform for success within just 90 days with The Digital Accelerator! This comprehensive program, hosted by digital marketing veteran Simon Turnbull, arms you with best practices across all significant digital channels. Amplify your understanding of website and marketing strategies that truly make an impact.

The Dream Accelerator

If you're an entrepreneur ready to propel your dreams, The Dream Accelerator is the place to be. Guided by the passionate life coach Jeff Meyer, this program grants you access to an exclusive community of ambitious individuals, group coaching sessions, and a wealth of content that'll empower you to chase your dreams with renewed clarity and purpose.

An Array of Tailored Courses

Our offerings go beyond just these flagship courses. The IGNITE School of Business curates a variety of tailored courses addressing different facets of business management, marketing strategy, and creative innovation.

Stay tuned for future courses!

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