5 Big Reasons to Outsource Web Development and Digital Marketing to Mexico


In an ever-competitive digital landscape, the increasing cost of retaining a quality web development or digital marketing agency poses a growing challenge for most companies.

In the United Kingdom, agencies charge between £150 to £199 per hour on average, reflecting a premium for top-tier expertise and location. Across the Atlantic, US companies face similar financial demands. 

This economic climate prompts a strategic pivot: looking beyond borders to stretch every pound or dollar without sacrificing quality. 

Enter Mexico: an emerging alternative with a rich talent pool, convenient time zones (even more so for US companies), and affordability, boasting average hourly rates of £25 to £49. 

And it's not just about cutting costs; it's about tapping into a globally-minded society where cultural barriers are shrinking, making it an increasingly attractive proposition for outsourcing a company’s top marketing needs.

Go grab a coffee (or a shot of tequila or a bottle of Corona), and sip it as we explore five reasons why Mexican talent is the key ingredient behind increased profitability! 

Bilingual Tech Talent at Your Service

Imagine having a team of well-educated professionals who not only help you increase profitability, but are also fully proficient in two of the top five most widely spoken languages worldwide. Absolutely perfect if you ever need to translate websites into Spanish, or if you need to better understand Spanish-speaking markets!

Mexico is growing more multilingual by the day, with private schools providing quality English education and over 40,000 Mexican students travelling abroad annually to perfect their English or other languages.

But this talent extends beyond language skills; Mexican graduates are also highly educated in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sectors.

According to the 2022 STEM Education Report, from 2010 to 2021, there has been a significant increase in students focusing on STEM, now accounting for 35% of the student body. This figure aligns with that of the UK and is only slightly lower than that of the US.

Mature IT Infrastructure

Anyone who outsources web or software development to Mexico puts their project in good hands.

State-of-the-art technology parks that rival those in the US have emerged over the last decade, particularly in Monterrey and Guadalajara, Mexico's second and third-largest cities, respectively.

In fact, Guadalajara is often seen as Mexico's Silicon Valley by hosting major tech giants such as IBM, Oracle, HP, Dell and Intel, and becoming a breeding ground for hundreds of tech startups that specialise in web development.

As you can notice, web development and technology infrastructure are taken very seriously across the country.

Geographical Advantage

Mexico's proximity to the US reduces (or even eliminates) time zone differences, which favours seamless communication and collaboration. 

For UK companies, the 6-hour time difference with Mexico might seem like a challenge for real-time communication initially. 

However, this actually offers productivity advantages by facilitating a "follow-the-sun" workflow, where tasks are handed off across time zones to extend your marketing team’s working hours. 

For example, your Mexico-based team can come online at 2 pm UK time, and still be online at midnight. This is an ideal advantage when wishing to publish websites or projects live during the early hours of the morning.

Cultural Affinity and Global Mindset

As a G20 and OECD member, Mexico's international economic integration is solidified through the USMCA, the successor to NAFTA, highlighting its commitment to free trade.

Moreover, the country has also become an educational hub, attracting a growing number of international students from EU countries like Spain, France, and Germany. 

This influx contributes to the cultural diversity and exchange within Mexico, driven by globalisation, which in turn, crafts a society that aligns well with international business practices, distinguishing it from other common outsourcing destinations.

Cost-Effectiveness Without Compromise

While global demand for tech talent has inflated costs in developed economies, Mexico stands out as a cost-effective solution, offering competitive wages without compromising on the quality of talent.

Below is a comparative chart of average hourly costs in Mexico versus other countries:

Country Average Cost per Hour
United Kingdom £150 – £199
United States £100 – £149
Canada £100 – £149
Australia £100 – £149
Ukraine £25 – £49
Mexico £25 – £49

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